Fleetwood Sounds

In 1965, Vinnie Giarusso of Fleetwood Sounds had the bright idea to produce a highlight album covering the first eight years of local NBA team Boston Celtics’ championship run. Entitled Havileck Stole the Ball it was a huge success, and the Fleetwood name soon became synonymous with sports recording.

With cover artwork designed by local supermarket advertising artist Dick Hamilton, and smash hits including Heinsohn’s Heroes and The Fat Lady Sings for the Bullets, Fleetwood went on to produce over 50 albums of highlights, commentary and interviews from the four major professional sports leagues in the U.S.

Their recording reign came to an end in the early 80s with the advent of ESPN and changes in licensing agreements, but the audio still holds all the wonderment it did 50 years ago. Here are some excerpts from the golden days of sport recording, for your listening pleasure.

NBA 25th Anniversary: 25 Action Years

Sunderella Suns 1975-76

The Fat Lady Sings For The Bullets

Sonic Boom

New Celtic Pride

Holzman’s Heroes

Heinsohn’s Heroes

Havlicek Stole the Ball

Golden State Warriors — The Year Of Excitment

Images and Audio: Courtesy of Fleetwood Sounds